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Covid Dating Humor

It is about ten times worse than dating before 2020

Oh, boy. Here we are.

Although the It-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is still pretty much alive and still causing some damage, our countries are opening and we are slowly moving back to ‘normal’.

Eugh, I know. I’m tired of hearing that silly phrase too.

So, pubs, restaurants, and clubs are finally opening, and…

Hoping you’ll take my word

So, long story short: I dated a great guy for two years, ended things amicably, or somewhat amicably, lived together after the breakup, and finally ended up breaking my own heart about two years ago. …

How does it feel to be closer than six feet?

We all know the effects of this pandemic will last for years to come. Economic crisis and mental health problems are just some of the issues that this whole situation will bring to humanity. …

Oh, how I wish this was a fiction piece.

We’ve all had a tough couple of years.

The famous virus that-shall-not-be-mentioned, the multiple riots and protests; the violence here and there; the skeptics and conspiracy theorists, and the fires that once seemed like the worst was already happening.

Humanity has been through a lot. …

La mejor batalla contra el miedo es el conocimiento

Advertencia: Aquí hablaré de qué son y para qué se usan. En ningún momento tome este artículo como ayuda financiera. …

Let me tell you a little story of what happened in my town many moons ago. It is a strange and tragic story that I still can’t believe at times.

Her name was Felicity, she was the prettiest woman you could ever imagine. Her hair was red like autumn; her face full of beautiful freckles that made her skin a starry night, and she always wore a smile, that made the little dimples on her face dig deep on her…

It’s been more than a year and I’m still not over it

This is gonna be an open letter to myself, but maybe someone out there feels the same. I would like to reassure you we are not alone.

It’s been more than a year, and you still appear in my dreams, or nightmares, I must say.

It’s been more than a…

And your childhood memories are the key to this

Before we start, let me tell you who I am to be talking about life’s purpose: I’m a certified yoga teacher, and these learnings have not only been things I’ve experienced in my own life through living abroad, changing careers, and the most magnificent heartbreak story that ended in me…

Society is projecting its deepest truth.

We can all see and feel how the political and social climate has been changing lately. Something we think is new and recent but has been slowly happening for many decades now.

Whether it has been planned or is just the natural course of humanity, I don’t know. But as…

Cristina Rojas C

Certified Yoga Teacher with Degrees in MedChem, Biotech and Business. Interested in: yoga, mental health, business and science.

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